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Conference of IVG and CIOPORA - Hannover, Germany

On 16 and 17 February 2017 the Industry Organization Garden (Industrieverband Gartenbau - IVG) and CIOPORA Germany hosted their first joint conference in Hannover. The participants enjoyed an interesting and well balanced programme dealing with strategical issues regarding the green market as well as the technical and legal aspects of the development and breeding of new varieties.  Amongst others, Thomas Leidereiter gave his presentation "How to mix it", explaining how to strategically combine IP rights. Further speakers were Rudolf Sterkel of Heidezüchtung Kramer presenting the famous „Garden Girls“, Mr. Jan-Dieter zu Jeddeloh of zu Jeddeloh Pflanzenhandels-GmbH on the trademarks „Endless Summer“ and "Brazelberries", Dirk Zabel of the Deutsches Obstsortenkonsortium presenting „Rockit“, Rupert Fey of beyond-flora presenting „Plus Plants“ as well as Ms. Susan Schröpfer of the Julius Kühn Institut about today's technologies in the field of breeding apple varieties.

Fruit Logistica 2017 - Berlin, Germany

Days filled with meetings, talks and discussion between 8 and 10 February 2016 for Thomas Leidereiter. More than 75,000 trade visitors – 5% more than last year – from over 130 countries experienced a unique global gathering of the fresh produce industry from 8 to 10 February 2017.  According to Messe Berlin CEO Dr. Christian Göke: "FRUIT LOGISTICA 2017 marked another milestone in its 25th anniversary year. Even more important than the increase in the number of visitors is the optimism in the sector – which was clearly noticeable in the exhibition halls on all three days of the fair." More than 3,100 exhibitors from 84 countries presented a comprehensive market overview of the fresh produce sector. Along with negotiating and concluding business transactions, exhibitors emphasised the importance of global interest in the trade event.


IPM International Plant Fair 2017 - Essen, Germany

A truly busy trip for Thomas Leidereiter from 24 to 27 January 2017. The International Plant Trade Fair in Essen (IPM) has once more proven that it is an indispensable inspiration, communication and ordering platform for the global green sector. Over 57,000 trade visitors from all over the world travelled to Essen to obtain information about the newest plant breeds, innovative horticultural technology, floristry trends as well as sales-promoting products for the point of sale from 1,577 exhibitors from 45 nations and to order goods for the coming season.

"The chaos has arrived" - Article in "Guide to plant Breeders' Rights"

Using a rather provocatice title, Thomas Leidereiter has published his article on pages 28 and 29 of the October issue of FloraCulture International explaining the consequences of the 2016 reform of the European Union trade mark regime for the green industry.  

CIOPORA Annual General Meeting 2016 - Lisbon, Portugal 

Being a member of the association for nearly 15 years, Thomas Leidereiter joined CIOPORA's annual meeting of the major breeders in the fruit and the ornamental sector, which took place in Lisbon. The International Community of Breeders of Asexually Reproduced Ornamental and Fruit Varieties organized a full week full of fruitful events from 25 to 29 April 2016. Thomas not only attended the meeting as member of the working group EDV as well as the lawyers' panel, he also was part of the faculty of the CIOPORA Academy and explained The Basic Principles of Trademark Protection to the workshop participants.


CIOPORA working group EDV - Nice, France

Fine tuning the CIOPORA Position Paper on EDV, the working group made a major efforts on 8 April 2016. The results of this work have later been accepted by the vast majority of the CIOPORA members later in the AGM 2016 in Lisbon.

Fruit Logistica 2016 - Berlin, Germany

2.891 exhibiting companies and organisations from 84 countries were present at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2016, which took place from 3 to 5 February 2016. More than 70.000 expert visitors from 130 countries gathered for a unique networking and business event. Not only meeting the industry at the fair but also attending the CIOPORA working group EDV, Thomas Leidereiter was attending the fair again.


IPM International Plant Fair 2016 - Essen, Germany

The world's leading trade fair for horticulture IPM took place from 26 to 29 January 2016. An impressive 1 588 exhibitors from 49 countries presented the latest creations in the ornamental sector and their technology innovations. Thomas Leidereiter visited clients at all days of the fair. Naturally, it is a pleasure to see that one particularly innovative creation Thomas had been working on from the legal side won the IPM price. Here are some impressions: 

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67th AIPH Annual Congress - Stresa, Italy

The 67th AIPH Annual Congress was held in the beautiful lakeside town of Stresa near Milan in Italy on Tuesday 20th to Friday 23rd October 2015. This year’s Congress provided members with an insight into the Italian horticultural industry as well as a unique opportunity to visit the Milan World Expo before it closed at the end of October. A stimulating programme of talks and discussion which, along with professional visits in the area, sent home the participants with many things to share with the industry in their countries. Thomas Leidereiter was invited to give presentation on the use of IP in other industries and the possibilities IP offers for the green sector. Showing that growers and breeders together are facing an increased "opposition" of the trade to promote individual products and creations, Thomas elucidated how IP might be utilized to overcome such restraints.


ESA Annual Meeting 2015 - Vienna, Austria

From 11 to 13 October 2015 Thomas Leidereiter participated in the Annual Meeting of the European Seed Association (ESA) in Vienna. This business meeting of the entire seed industry combines educational presentations with down to earth business opportunities. Certainly one highlight was the presentation of Captain Salvador Ortega of the Guardia Civil. He illustrated the Spanish endeavours to hamstring illegal propagation of seeds. Again, the implementation of the Nagoya Protocol by way of REGULATION (EU) No 511/2014 was controversially discussed by the attendees.


20th Anniversary of the Community Plant Variety Office (CPVO) - Angers

The celebrations for the CPVO's 20th anniversary started of with a half day seminar at Terra Botanica highlighting the work of the Office over the past two decades. Numerous speakers acknowledged the Office's achievements but also pointed out room for improvement. Anger's mayor emphasized the importance of the CPVO for the region, while Commissioner Vytenis Andiukaitis stressed the importance of the Community plant variety protection regime in general. More than 200 invited guests enjoyed an excellent opportunity to re-enforce their network in the rather small "family" of the PVR community. Thomas Leidereiter is grateful for the invitation to this outstanding event at Château de la Perrière


Working out ABS ICC Conference - Paris, France

On 28 and 29 September 2015 the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) organised a conference on Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS) in Paris. More than 110 participants of all industry sectors (Pharmaceutics, BioTech, Cosmetics and Plant Breeding) are faced with quite some uncertainties regarding the recently enforced European rules for the implementation of the Nagoya Protocol. It seems that there is a long way to go for the lawmakers to elucidate their aims to the people that are now required to fully observe the rather unclear European regulations. 


The European and US Trademark Breakfast at IPM 2015

On 30 January 2015 James Weatherly of the firm Cochrand Freund & Young LLP and Thomas Leidereiter hosted a seminar at this year's IPM in Essen, Germany. Judging from the feedback of the participants, trademarks are in the limelight - also in the horticultural industry. 

IPM 2015
IPM 2015
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