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IP Protection - Also for Plant Innovations

"Green Rights" (1) - Trademarks, Designs, Copyrights, Unfair Competition

An important journal in the field of IP Protection and Copyrights since 1891  bears a green binding. That is why, mainly jurists, traditionally refer to this area of the law as the "Green Sector". Green Rights stands for comprehensive legal advice specifically in these areas of intellectual property and copyright law.

"Green Rights" (2): Plant Variety Protection - The Protection of Plant Innovations

Breeders of new agricultural and horticultural species and varieties rightly belong to a very special "Green Sector". For this sector,  a sui generis system of intellectual property rights within industrial property law exists. Only a few lawyers in Germany and Europe can rightfully claim to offer profound advice on Plant Variety Rights. With me you will find such advice - also, but not only - for the green business.

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