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After 14 years of working in one of the large German commercial law firms, I decided to start my own law firm in 2014. The reason for this decision was my deep conviction that legal advice is a highly personal service. Its sole purpose is to show clients all legal options and risks. Only in this way is it possible for them to make an informed commercial decision. Legal advice can only achieve this goal if there is a relationship of trust between advisor and client. Trust thrives best when people are in direct contact.

In recent years, a peculiar idea of the legal profession has spread. It almost seems as if lawyers have decoupled themselves from reality from the perspective of "normal people". "They don't know anything about real life". In reality, however, "jurisprudence" has only one purpose: to keep the daily coexistence of all in order. And so it is indispensable for a good advisor to know the business, the real environment of the clients inside out if they want to give legal advice that incorporates the reality of the clients' lives in a meaningful way.

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Protecting intellectual property is an international undertaking. No company can afford to focus its IP strategy on a single country only. Even the question of whether a certain term may be used to identify one's own products has direct international implications (keywords: European Union Trade Marks, internationally registered trademarks). Due to my more than twenty years of working for international clients, I can draw on an extensive network of personal contacts. Memberships in national and international associations form a further pillar of my network.


The international association of breeders of vegetitavely reproduced ornamental and fruit plant varieties
( through:

CIOPORA Deutschland e.V.
The German section of CIOPORA

German Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property
Member of the Expert Committee for the Protection of Plant Innovations

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