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After working for almost 14 years in one of Germany's leading law firms, in I decided in 2014 to practice in my own firm. Key factor for the decision was my firm belief that rendering legal advice is and should be a truly personal service. Like any such services, it requires mutual trust between client and advisor as its sole purpose is to set out for the client the various legal options and risks, enabling him to make an informed business decision. Confidence, however only will grow if the client has constant and direct access to his advisor of choice. Because if you engage a specialist you do not want him to just supervise the input of others.  

Over the past years, I sense a very odd understanding of jurists and their metier that has developed in our society. It almost seems that clients believe lawyers and judges have lost touch with reality. "They don't know anything about the real life". But truth is, law's only function is to ensure an orderly coexistence of all of us, in our private and in our business reality. The consequence is simple: if you do not know your clients' business, you will never be able to provide reasonable legal advice, as it is based on the understanding of facts.

International Network 


Protecting Intellectual Property always is an international undertaking. Today, companies always have to tailor their IP strategy for various countries. In Europe, already the question whether or not a designation might be used in connection with certain goods and services has to be seen in an international context (Keywords: European Union Trademarks, International Trademarks). Advising internationally operating clients for 16 years, I have established an international netwerk of personal contacts all over the world. Being a member of the leading juridical and business associations form an additional base of my network.


The international association of breeders of vegetitavely reproduced ornamental and fruit plant varieties

CIOPORA Deutschland e.V.
The German section of CIOPORA

German Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property
Member of the Expert Committee for the Protection of Plant Innovations

The International Trademark Association

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